Access to energy has been a major challenge in Africa and that’s why we innovated DisPay

  • DisPay is a system developed by Disruptive Energy Services with the aim of creating basic access to energy and financial inclusion in the sub-region.
  • It’s a solution that applies innovation and technology that would allow clients make payment of utility bills at ease.
  • It will also enable our Clients to give real-time reports of utility issues at Regional and District levels .
  • Clients could achieve all these through our Mobile App and Web App which is designed to be simple and interactive.
  • With DisPay, we intend to connect the unconnected.


DisPay is designed to cater for all Mobile and Computer users including:

  • Android Phone Users
  • Apple iPhone Users
  • Microsoft Phone Users
  • Web Users

Features of DisPay

  • Pay Bills – allows Bank Customer to pay for utility services and even vend utility services in their neighborhood, thus creating easy access to energy and financial inclusion for the average person.
  • Report Utility Issues – allows App Users to report Utility issues within their communities in real-time, thus enabling an easy connection between the Utility Service Provider and its subscribers. It takes record of the User’s Region, District, Address, GPS Location, Problem Title, Text/Audio explanation of the issue, the Reporters Mobile Number which will be used by the Utility Service Provider for Dashboard Analysis and Emergency Response by Field Staff.
  • Talk to Utility Service Provider – enables Clients to call Utility Service Provider Toll-free number for enquiries and emergencies without the need of having saved the number.

How does the “Pay Bill” System work?

  1. Customer/Client uses their App to pay for utility
  2. The System notifies the Bank
  3. The Bank Approves payment
  4. System requests re-charge code from Utility Service Provider
  5. Utility Service Provider submits recharge code for Customer to the System
  6. Customer/Client gets the code within seconds.

The Report and Call features

  • Utility for example is often surrounded by emergencies which ranges from unusual Black Outs to Power Spike.
  • These emergencies either unknown to the Utility Service Provider or it reaches them late most often.
  • The Call and Report features aims at creating a solid bridge between the Utility Service Provider and their Customers.
  • It will also increase Customer’s confidence and enhance revenue generation